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Vibes Workshop In Champagne en Valromey, France Featuring Tony Miceli, David Patrois

  • This is an incredible workshop up in the mountains of France. I can't tell you how beautiful this town is. I think the population is just a few hundred people.
  • We eat all organic locally produced food every day prepared by the townspeople. It's an amazing experience.

The Workshop Layout

There is housing for students who will stay with families in the town. It's very cheap lodging. There are a couple hotels nearby.

For all housing questions contact Catherine Read the form. The link is below. It also explains the housing.

Another good contact person is Constance at

A couple people have looked on Air BnB and found great places.


From the airport, they should take the train to Culoz and we will pick them there. If the timetable isn't ok, (late in the evening for example) we will pick them directly at the airport.

You can talk with Constance for more information on travel:

Click here for more information.