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Vibes Workshop in Ireland (David Friedman - Tony Miceli) - Peter Dee Academy - Limerick, Ireland


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Limerick, Ireland is a great place for a workshop. It’s inexpense and there’s plenty to do. Our Ireland workshop is a week of hard work! We bring in a few vibraphones for you to practice on. Also in the evening there’s a jazz ensemble class for all instruments. 2 vibe players can also sign up for that class. It’s a great chance to play with other musicians and gain some experience there.

During the day we bring in a bass player for some of the classes so we can talk about playing with bass and drums. The rest of the time we will work on all aspects of playing the vibes. Including dampening, pedaling, technique, grips, improv, chord studies, voicings, learning tunes and a lot more topics!

There are plenty of BnB’s to stay at as well as the Limerick City Hotel which people have been staying at for the workshops for about 10+ years!