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Steve Weiss Vibe Workshop: Featuring David Friedman and Tony Miceli

  • Settlement Music School 416 Queen Street Philadelphia, PA, 19147 United States (map)

This workshop is part of the Steve Weiss Mallet Festival. It will feature two great vibe players. World Renowned David Friedman and Tony Miceli.

The workshop will be 5 intense days of studying the vibraphone. There will be some instruments available to sign out and use for practice time. Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments. There will be practice rooms as well.

If you purchase your spot before May 1st you get a $50 off!

If you are planning on attending the workshop don’t forget that August 2-4 is the Steve Weiss Mallet Festival! So come early and hang with us! CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON THE MALLET FESTIVAL.

On Friday August 9th there will be a final concert with Tony Miceli and David Friedman. This is part of the Steve Weiss Mallet Festival.

On Friday night there will be a concert featuring David Friedman and Tony Miceli at the school.

For any and all questions email Tony Miceli at

***If you bring your own instrument to this workshop you will receive a free pair of Tony Miceli’s new Malletech Mallets!

Tony will cover some of the following topics. With many of these topics there will be handouts to take home and study further!

  • Open Closed Voicings

  • Ways to Practice Improvising

  • Rootless Voicings

  • Chord Melodies

  • Scales and Chords

  • Solo Playing - Beg, Borrow and Steal

  • Advanced Voicings

  • Working on Tunes

  • Comping - Moving Chords Around

  • Clusters

David Friedman is such a wealth of information. David usually gets students to play and he asks questions and build his classes around that. They are truly amazing. David can take a student and change their playing for the better right in front of your eyes. Everyone else also learns a ton from watching him. He also gets everyone playing and working on things together. He’s a master on the instrument as well as playing the instrument.

In addition there will be rhythm section players available at the end of each day so we can play and talk about playing in a band. Comping in realtime! Soloing with the band right there!

The School and Lodging


Classes will take place in a beautiful space in the school. Plenty of room for instruments and us! There will be practice rooms for us to practice.


As for lodging, there is a lot of it! Use Air BnB for starters. If you are coming with your partner and want to stay at a hotel, check out the hotels on Broad Street. Your partner will have plenty to do! Any of the hotels in the Center City area are about a 20 minute or so walk. It’s great! Also just a few dollars for an Uber ride. There’s tons to do in the evening as well!